A New Book by Wayne Simmons
The Story of Jules Verne

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“...superbly written and intensely personal ... the
engaging short story sequences are interspersed with superb reproductions of Simmons’ paintings – each of which is thematically appropriate to the chapters they so beautifully enhance. An engaging, entertaining, and occasionally inspiring read, The Story of Jules Verne: A Watch Pocket Dog is especially recommended for personal and community library collections – and a ‘must’ for anyone who has ever felt their canine companion to have been an integral part of their life.”
- Reviewer’s Choice, The Midwest Book Review

“Thank you ever so much for The Story of Jules Verne.
As soon as I opened he package and saw what it
was, I sat right down and began reading – didn’t get
up until I had finished. I realize that probably the
best way to read a fascinating book is to go slow and savor it over a much longer period. But this one was just too good to delay. There must be some old folk saying regarding ‘delayed gratification’, which might be appropriate for me to quote... if only I knew what it was. We absolutely loved your story of Jules. And your art is delightful. Thank you, again.”
- John Peters

“Wayne, your writing – like your paintings – is positively absorbing... This is a wonderful book...hunter or not. One cannot love dogs, love the human-dog relationship, love the human-human relationship and not love this book. Thank you for this incredible journey and sharing Jules Verne with all of us!!!”
- Melba Lanham, American Brittany Rescue

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“Thank you very much for the tears of joy and appreciation you gave me from reading your book about Jules. It’s stories like these that can help everyone with their daily lives and losses of the loved pets whom they had held as family... Again,this was just what I needed!”
- Ward Hart

“I love this book! This is an entertaining and candid story about a man and his beloved hunting dog. The perfect book for a hunter or dog lover. Humorous, poignant stories with Southern flavor... Beautiful
animal paintings throughout.”
- E. Wyatt

“The Story of Jules Verne touched all my emotions, especially the ones that generate tears. It was a delightful read and, for me, an interesting tutorial on bird dogs and their masters.”
- Leta Leshe

“What a splendid gift and book! The story and accounts with the marvelous, touching illustrations
are wonderful... a book to treasure! I want to send Jules Verne to friends who are Brittany people. Also, we’d like to discuss your doing portraits of our two Brittanys.”
- John Gay

“I was elated yesterday on my 34th birthday to receive a personalized and signed copy of your book... I will cherish that book forever... nothing encompasses the loyalty and the adoration found in the heart of a Brittany... Our paths may never cross in person, but please know I regard your work as a timeless piece.”
- Jeremy D. Crow

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